Everyone loves a good sport


Brand Identity + Digital + Illustration + Signage + Spaces +

360° brand building for PLaY: a sports arena that brings extreme sporting action to the heart of the city.

Design: Aparna Ranjan  Writing: Pooja Agarwala  Illustration: Kashmira Sarode

Signage: Sreejothi Creations

Client: Play Arena

The greatest thing about the act of play is the way it brings people together – cutting across age groups, geographies and socio-economic barriers. This became the central theme in building a place where there is something for everyone. A brand that is happy, high energy and cheerful but with some much needed mischief. Because youth has little to do with age.

A potentially infinite set of characters combine with stacked type, icons and a fun colour palette to keep the communication fresh and exciting.


The PLaY website was designed to be dynamic and interactive – to match the energy of the place itself. The homepage features a video background to capture what would otherwise be lost in descriptions, and an accordion slider to explore all the activities on offer.

Outdoor signage for PLaY involved some fun experiments with oversized type. Still being put to good use and standing tall after 8 years of weathering storms of all shapes and sizes.